Changes to ppps don't take effect until reboot (mpd not restarting?)

  • I have a multilink pppoe WAN interface. It works fine, but if I edit that interface at https://pfsense/interfaces_ppps_edit.php?id=0, for example to add or remove a member interface, and hit the save button, the change is not effected, as verified in the ppp log (no new log entries after several minutes) and by (no change in effective speed). https://pfsense/interfaces_ppps.php and https://pfsense/interfaces_assign.php both show the updated bundle membership, but it is a lie.

    Rebooting pfsense causes the update to apply. I suppose restarting mpd from the shell would probably work, but I don't know offhand how to do that, and it's not a good moment to go trying things in an offhanded manner here.

  • Ive been saving from the ppps page then going to the WAN page and saving there also…  According to the ppp logs page it seems to be working but now Im not so sure.

    side note-
    Curious if you could post what you get running ifconfig...  Ive got an issue Ive been trying to run down for weeks on my mlppp connection.