• Just upgraded to Pfsense 2.0-RC1 from version 1.2.3 on last night .. after the upgrade I could no longer manage pfsense over https:, Version 2.0 won't allow you to switch it back to https without creating a Valid Certificate so I went ahead and created a cert. once the cert was created then I was able to select the dialog for https management but for some reason or another I can't login over https or http the login page simply timeout. The only way I can access the pfsense sever is via ssh shell

    is there another a way of fixing this without doing a reinstall??

    Thanks in advance

  • Do you have physical access to the unit?

    If so, access the console (VGA or serial) and reassign the LAN interface IP (retain the same IP subnet as before but run through the process).

    It should prompt you to use HTTP instead.  Choose to do so.
    Now, go into the webGUI and enable the HTTPS and it should work.

  • If he has ssh access he can do the same as when he has physical access.
    Just reset the LAN IP and the webgui should be accessible again.

  • Do have to reboot after making the change because it's still not working???  if so I haven't had a chance to do it yet I will reboot it later today