Client pings time out every 60 seconds.

  • Just used the guide to roll out OpenVPN in two locations.  All went well except for one client.  They can connect find.  I start a ping -t to the LAN from the client pc and it pings for 60 seconds, and them times out for 60 seconds, and then pings for 60 seconds and so forth….

    I have two other clients on this pfsense and all is fine (kind of, the one client wont get DNS from the internal DNS server but thats a different issue).

    pFsense 1.2.3 info:
    supermicro 1u -
    internet connection is verizon business 25/25

    client in question:
    xp AND windows 7
    verizon fios residential 15/5

    I believe the problem to lay within his internal network.  All the variables (operating system, ISP) I've tested already with other clients and they work.

    Any ideas??

  • Rebel Alliance Developer Netgate

    By chance is the certificate or username of that person the same as one of the other connections?

    That sounds exactly like two connections with the same "common name" fighting over which should be connected. One connects, which bumps the other off, then 60 seconds later the other client reconnects and bumps off the first. Lather, rinse, repeat.

  • I don't think so. But ol will make an entirely new set of keys for this person and try it out.  Thanks

  • Generated new files and it worked.  Thanks!