1:1 NAT in 2.0

  • Hola,

    I'm trying to get a 1:1 nat setup on our firewalls that also use CARP. These are internal firewalls so the WAN ip is also private. I'm not sure what VIP setting to use. Other, Proxy ARP, etc..  I've tried a few with no success. I can get the firewall to respond to ping on the WAN VIP but it never sends the traffic to the 1:1 nat that I've setup. My 1:1 NAT is setup with the WAN as the interface, the external IP of the VIP i've added, and the internal IP of the host I'm trying to get mapped for the 1:1. I've also setup a firewall rule to allow the traffic to the private internal ip of the nat rule. When I run tcpdump I see the firewall responding with rst's.

    Any help would be appreciated.

    Are there any differences in 2.0 vs 1.2.3?

  • Ah, I was missing an outbound nat rule. I had to set up another one because the single AON rule was set to use the CARP interface.  I just added the 1:1 NAT and another CARP Virtual IP for the redundancy cluster. It's working great.  So I have both CARP setup for active/passive and CARP for a 1:1 NAT rule.

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