<disableconsolemenu>not working</disableconsolemenu>

  • Hey guys,

    first of all i want to say that pfsense is wonderful. I already have set up one box & running it for about 2 weeks with no problem. Thanks for this wonderful piece of software.

    I am trying to set up a second box, booting from CD, config on floppy disk. Everything works as expected with the exception that i'm not able to turn off the console menu. Setting the option to "Disable console menu" in webgui works, gets stored on floppy but has no effect: After reboot, the menu is still there.

    I looked at config.xml on my desktop box, making sure it contains an entry "<disableconsolemenu>" (which is there), but my pfsense seems to ignore that. On my first pfsense, this worked flawlessly!

    Does anybody have any idea where to look further? As i said: Everything else works fine, all rules, aliases etc get stored as expected, just that damn little thing doesn't work. As i am planning to leave this box running unattended in a server room, i need that functunality. Really! :)

    Thanks for your help in advance,


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