Basci rules/setup for VoIP shaping in 2.0 RC1 (Best approah)

  • Hi!

    I've understood that the way of setting up shaping in 2.0 RC1 is a bit different from 1.2.3.

    I am looking for a shaking BOTH incoming AND outgoing VoIP traffic. There are queses, flouting rules with a choice if
    interface LAN/WAN and direction.

    Do I need different ques for incoming/outgoing traffic for the interfaces WAN/LAN, or could the new floating rules
    cover both interfaces at once?

    I'd really appreciate if someone could describe the best way of doing this, e.g. if I need to have two floating rules, one for incoming
    traffic where I choose LAN and direction IN, and one rule for outgoing traffic where I choose WAN and direction OUT.

    If any of you could assist with this I would be really happy! A working example with description would have helped me a lot :-)


  • I with you on this one…I'm confused with how to setup. I've tried a few things and have run into trouble...

    I'm running a fiber connection with 15Mbps is both directions. I want to guarantee 100 kbps UP/DOWN to my VoIP device but cannot seem to figure it out. I've used the new wizards but it appears to setup only in one direction. Also, for me, it appears that once I use the wizard the default queue is already maxed without moving any traffic...

    I'm running 2.0RC1.

    It appears that the wizard doesn't QoS in both directions. Is there a reason for this?

    Hopefully someone will point us in the right direction...

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