Squid upstream proxy forwarding always disbled after reboot

  • I'm running pfsense 1.2.3 with latest proxy 2.7.9_4.1 which squid point upstream proxy to HVAP antivirus on port with ICP port 7

    squid custom options have the following which been put there by default after the GUI configuration:
    never_direct allow all;cache_peer parent 3125 0 name=havp no-query no-digest no-netdb-exchange default;

    However after each time the box is rebooted, squid's Upstream proxy forwarding is disabled and I have to manually enable it each time following a reboot to forward to HVAP again.

    Maybe it's not saving the config correctly for squid startup? Where should I be looking for such information?

    I recall that before I upgrade the squid package from the last squid 2.7.9 package to current 2.7.9_4.1 I did not have this problem.

    Thanks all.

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