• To overcome resets from ISP, i set a periodic reset of PPPOE at a to me convinient time: 6:00 am (europe time)

    So i noted that i had a reset at 6 in the morning, but also at 6 in the evening. Now to control, i set this reset-time at 5:00 in the morning. Now my resets are at 5 in the morning AND at 5 in the evening.

    Maybe its because of english-setting 05:00 am/pm? I have all times set like 05:00 and 17:00, no am/pm. Its just a suggestion. Its somewhat nasty, because if i don't set this reset, i have resets somewhen in the afternoon.

    So i changed from one silly time to another silly time… ;)

    Any suggestion to get this changed/repaired?

    PS: in the cron-table the reset-time is settled right. Really strange!