Countryipblocks needs our help

  • Country IP Blocks needs our help. They're about to shutdown if they don't raise $2000. My packages depend on these lists. These lists are what helps network security professionals to reduce spam and network attacks.

    If you can help please donate at

  • Thanks for the update Tom!

    Come on guys- think tax write off!  :P

  • Wasn't aware of that. Have donated of course and hope they carry on…

  • This is a direct quote from their website from June 4th.

    "Today is day four of our effort to raise enough money to help us offset our operating costs. We have raised $5 in four days. This just won’t do it. We have choice to make. We can either continue offering our high level of service, at great personal cost, or we can cut back on all services until we get enough cash flow to enable us to meet our financial obligations.

    We would prefer to continue providing all our services for free; but we cannot do so and keep Country IP Blocks running."

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