MBUF Memory causes Internet Disconnection?

  • We're currently using pfsense 1.2.2 on a 62 computer setup. There are times that the Internet connection goes down and the router needs to be reset to fix the internet connection.

    The memory usage of pfsense according to the System Overview page during a fresh reboot is floating at around 39% after a few minutes it goes up to 50%. At around a few hours at 80%

    MBUF usage floats at around 800/1035

    The router's ram is only 400+ megabytes (half gig).

    Running a torrent sometimes causes an Internet disconnection.

  • I don't think that you really have a "disconnect" but that you exhaust your state-table.

    You can increase the state-table size under: System –> Advanced --> Firewall Maximum States
    Be aware that you need per state about 1KB of RAM.
    So in your case with 400MB i'd say you can set it to about 20'000 ~ 25'000.

  • What could be the tolerable MBUF percentage before it goes down?

    e.g. 1000/2000 = 50%

    My is ????/2175. It varies depending on the amount of users or whatever it is that they're doing.

  • mbufs really aren't relevant and really shouldn't be so prominently displayed, just ignore them, you're maxing out your state table from your description. They'll fluctuate and there isn't a "normal" level of usage.

  • Is maxing out the state table a problem? Is it recommended that I should decrease it?

  • It means no new connections will be allowed. You'll need to increase under System>Advanced if that's the case. Can check how much you're using historically in RRD graphs

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