Outbound access to port xxxx

  • Hey all,

    I just installed 2 pfsense boxes this weekend, 1 in each of our offices.  I used OpenVPN to setup a site to site vpn between the 2 and that is working great.

    The problem I am currently having is I cannot access an external site on port 8181 from 1 of the offices.  It works fine from the other.  I can ping the url and DNS returns the correct IP but for some reason I cannot connect to the server itself with the port number.

    Any ideas?


  • Have you checked firewall rules?
    what route it takes/ should take?

  • I was just logging in to post that it was a firewall on the other end of the chain that was blocking since our IP changed, so everything is good and this was a non-issue.

    Thanks for replying though!

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