State Table or MTU Rel 2-RC3

  • Updated from 1.2.3 to 2.0-RC3 and experience some anomaly.  Have Wireless AP attached to network and safari times out regularly accessing web and email on IPhone.  Not the same behavior on 1.2.3 Release. Did MTU or State Table expiration change for 2.0-RC3.  Running on HP i386 4GB RAM 3GHZ Intel for years without problems.  It is if the TCP FIN never happens.

    I will be downgrading back to 1.2.3, but like some of the features in 2.0-RC3.  PFsense is a great product, but think some of the new ones are not necessary.  More focus on core components and protocol should be a higher priority then dashboard.


  • Well my crystal ball is broken even for you.
    Can you pelase provide any system log or other information?

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