Pfsense and Kontron Microspace MPC20

  • Hello,
    I have got a Microspace MPC20.
    Specifications here:

    I diskdumped the pfsense 2.0rc3-memorystick image on my 4gb usb stick under Linux.
    It is booting on my PC proper.

    If I insert the stick into the MPC20, it does not boot, although it has hardware which is supported.

    The MPC20 is booting without problems with the same USB Stick when Debian is on it. I also tried a second MPC20.

    Does anyone has experience with this device or hardware?

    Thanks for help!
    Best wishes.

  • The embedded/ Nanobsd version of pfSense has it's output set to serial console instead of VGA.  You will need to use a serial cable and adapter (the MCP20 seems to have internal serial headers only) to configure it.

    Alternatively, you will need an internal HDD and do a full install.  Or do a full install to CF card for that matter.  This will enable VGA console.

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