Strange behaviour using google hangout

  • Hi all,

    I'm new to pfsense, have a few months of experience with it. We're using rc2 on a watchguard firebox (if i remember correctly it has a pentium 3 class cpu). Currently rc2 is installed. It works ultrastable but as soon as one or more people try to use google hangout, no internet access is possible, the firewall drops packets (for example when pinging it or trying to use the webinterface). And the bad thing is that it's just about 1 to 3 MBit of data going through it, which is less than it does at top times.

    I don't know what causes it and thought that maybe someone has experienced or even solved such a problem before. Since i'm not using pfsense for a long time, i might not have all required information posted here. I'll try with those things.

    pfsense 2 (rc2)
    pppoe connection to the internet (germen t-com vdsl 50, 50 MBit)
    3 internal interfaces routing between different networks

    I'd be glad if you have any hints.

  • Maybe hangout takes many statetable entries?!?

  • That sounds a lot like the Realtek quirks inherent in Watchguard hardware, they can drop offline under a variety of conditions.

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