HAVP crashing, antivirus server not starting

  • Hello all -

    I recently have been trying to install HAVP onto my 2.0-RC3 install of pfSense.  I'm a bit flabbergasted as things were working perfectly a few days ago but when I did a fresh installation today, HAVP refuses to work.

    There's three distinct problems:

    1. When I attempt to use HAVP (version 0.91_1) in conjunction with Squid in any configuration, the HAVP proxy process stops.  I cannot access the web.
    2. When I star the system, has HAVP starts, i get the error "pw: unknown group 'havp'" - this is extremely odd because in /etc/passwd the havp stuff is clearly there.
    3. The "antivirus server" component refuses to start.  it won't update, start, anything.  clamav version is ClamAV 0.96.1

    Any hints?

    Thanks much,


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