Pfsense 2.0RC3 and OS X IPSec client IPSecuritas (3.5b1)

  • Hi,

    to make it short: I can create a tunnel, but I must have messed up the routing as I can't reach anything behind pfsense from the VPN. Also, IPSecuritas' MODE_CFP is known to be flaky, so I would like to assign a fixed IP to every mobile VPN user. Do I do that under IPSec -> Mobile Clients -> Client Configuration and set up one IP with a /32 subnet? It's still mode_cfg…

    Attached are some screenshots of the setup of IPsecuritas, pfsense (IPSec setup and firewall rule)and the debug log of IPSecuritas.

    Please have a heart and help me figure this out (or perhaps, for starters, tell me how to circumvent mode_cfg and assign an ip address...) THANKS!


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