Failover time between WAN connections and active/active load balancing

  • Hi everyone,

    totally new to PFSense. Thanks in advance for your time:

    I have two ISP/WAN connections. I understand I can configure PFSense to failover between the two WANs, so if WAN1 is not available anymore, WAN2 takes over.

    Q1 : How long does the failover take. Smoothwall needs up to 35 seconds, I need a solution that fails over in 3-4 seconds or less.
    Q2: Q1 assumes an active/passive approach. Can I configure PFSense in active/active mode so that both WANs are used concurrently, so that no failover is needed in the first place?
    Q3 : Can I use 1.2.3 for this, or are there any benefits in using 2.0 related to above ?

    Thanks a lot in advance

  • A1: pfsense is able to do what you required in less then 3-4 seconds :)
    A2: you can choose to use failover or loadbalancing (round-robin) or even both at the same time for different protocols/destinations/…
    A3: you can use 1.2.3 for this but me personally would advice using 2.0 as it is a big improvement in tons of ways and it's nearing completion and has been stable for me for months

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