PPPOE Idle Timeout Value

  • I noticed today on Nano 2.0RC3 that the 'Idle Timeout' field never shows the value it is set for. I was copying over settings from another up and running 1.2.3 box and I have '0' in the field there. The backup file does not show any value even if I set it for something other than '0'.

    Someone else had this issue:

    I also have the same issue the poster had where when I try to enable/disable "dial on demand", I get asked for an entry "idle timeout", which was set before. If I change ANY other value on the page it doesn't ask about 'idle timeout'. I assume the two must be tied together in the code, and that may be an intended behavior (that is, for it to prompt you.)

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    I can't reproduce any issue with saving the idle timeout. It saves the value I put in every time, even 0/blank or some other number.

    For dial on demand you must set a timeout, or else it isn't really dial on demand, it's always-on-just-connect-the-first-time-I-send-traffic :-)

  • What snapshot? I'm on 'pfSense-2.0-RC3-1g-i386-20110708-2003-nanobsd.img.gz'.

    Now the reason I'm on that snapshot (before you bite my head off about not being on the latest one) is that I had a lot of trouble through trying to get a Sonicwall site-to-site stable 2.0RC3 and this particular snapshot has been rock-solid stable for my customers tunnel (well I shipped him out 7 more of these today) for 3 weeks now. Having a stable tunnel for this customer is everything so I didn't want to chance it by going to a later snapshot which could have a bug or bug(s) that may directly or indirectly affect that crucial tunnel for us. I will certainly upgrade when the final version is released, however I will want to do it slowly, testing one unit for a couple of weeks before moving on to all of them.

    One other thing I noticed is that when I restored that backup to another new box that needed to be setup it did NOT like it when I changed it from PPPOE to DHCP! When I restarted it after that it lost it's interface assigments, I have system rule errors notifications on the webgui, wireless settings were hosed! I basically had to reset up the wireless from scratch, restart, resolve the wireless dhcp server values, etc. I eventually got it all set and save a non-ppoe backup settings file for future installs. I verified this issue on the second box I did as it happened again. However once I restored from the backup that had WAN set to DHCP instead of PPOE, it was fine.

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