Block Outgoing traffic if Openvpn goes down

  • Hi,

    congratulations to PFSense. I like it, even if i have a small Problem:

    I'am trying to block outgoing traffic if my OpenVPN not works. My config actually is:
    WAN - WWW Gateway
    LAN - "OpenVPN only Area"

    Is there any way to enable a firewall rule like

    • LAN net * *         * * none   Default allow LAN to any rule
    • WAN net * LAN net * * none   Default allow wan to lan rule
      TCP/UDP * *         * * * none   block all rest

    depending on the OpenVPN Status. It should work like this:
    OpenVPN OK -> rule is enabled, all traffic can pass through
    OpenVPN NOK -> rule disabled, all outgoing lan traffic is blocked


  • *    WAN net    *    LAN net    *    *    none         Default allow wan to lan rule

    O___o !!

  • Haven't done this, but you could try to make openvpn to your gateway or route by lan rule and after that rule block anything.

  • @ericab: My WAN is behind another HW-router

    @Metu: I tried to make a Gateway but i havent a static openvpn ip and i cant inster an alias as gateway

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