Slow web gui

  • i have noticed since the past few snaps the web gui has been quiet slow on the alix and nanobsd, i would say around after 27th july or so and also when i login into shell and type top, i find the php process take more than 15% cpu doing nothing compared to the older snaps

  • screenshot below

  • Rebel Alliance Developer Netgate

    I haven't seen anything like that but the current config on my alix is very basic.

    I see filterdns is using quite a lot of CPU there, are you using a lot of DNS entries in hostnames? Or IPsec tunnels with dyndns hostnames for endpoints?

  • my config is also mostly basic stuff, static arp entries under dhcp and using DNS forwarder and no static DNS entries but from the last 2-3 snaps its working fine now for some reason.

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