• I-Blocklist.com now allows the user to select which format the lists should be in. The options are p2p, dat, and CIDR.

    Right now ipblocklist is p2p format only and this has caused several problems. The script that is used to parse and use the p2p lists is written in perl which requires extra packages to be installed on the router. Several people cannot get the package to work correctly because of this.

    By switching to CIDR only the ipblocklist packages can be written natively for pfsense. This means no add-on packages or extra software to run. This will also greatly increase the performance of the package.


    • No addon software

    • Faster

    • multi-platform ready (x86/64)

    • 100% written in php


    • lists will have to be in CIDR format

    • I-Blocklist provides this list to subscribers (There is a workaround that allows anyone to download!)

    I'm stuck on which path I want to take. I want to incorporate CIDR lists only but I want to know how ipblocklist package users feel.

    As always please support I-Blocklist - http://www.iblocklist.com/ by Christopher Fakhir

  • Please keep both option in its settings

  • @anagh:

    Please keep both option in its settings

    Not acceptable, this would cause the package to be less stable. Stability is what I'm going for here.

  • then kindly also provide a script to convert p2p format to cidr format