Posting a bounty of 100 dollars to help step by step

  • I have the following hardware: linksys wifi wmp54g pci, realteck 10/100 pci, intel 10/100, and sis900 internal LAN, I want the following setup,
    1. set up dyndns for outside access
    2. set up access to server from outside ftp & web sftp (DMZ)
    3. establish rules for inside access to server,
    4. config wifi with wep as an access point
    5. have remote acess to cfg the router
    6. squid enabled, also have telnet access.
    I can install and cfg pfsense and let remote acess to configure above,
    I can up the bounty if FREENAS is added or if more money is needed

  • Please be a lot more specific with your bounty.  What kind of access does your DMZ server require?  How is squid to be configured? Transparently?  You're asking for telnet access? To what exactly?  Please revisit your bounty and be more specific with your needs.

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