Monitoring internet connectivity status

  • I'm using pfSense 2.0-RC3, installed on a Pentium PC that contains two NICs. One is connected to a regular 100Mbit switch, the other connects to my ADSL router. The ADSL router is configured as a bridge so that all its firewall functions are disabled and it now behaves like a dumb ADSL modem.

    Is there a way I can make pfSense log when my Internet connection drops and then reconnects? Having it periodically ping the WAN gateway would probably be enough. It only needs a five minute or so accuracy since when the connection does drop it's either momentary and I don't notice, or it's off for half an hour or more, and I know that I can't get line sync data from the modem.

  • It already does this.  Look at the Status tab for RRD Graphs.  The Quality graph is the one you want.

    It pings the gateway and gives you a graph of the results.

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