CP and CARP [2.0 rc3] problems

  • 1.) Portal page always shows master ip address not the virtual ip address, I don't know if this programmed this way.
    2.) CARP always changing/shifting master even theres no problem on both server, resulted on always showing the portal page of the primary server.

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    1. I believe is normal. It's an internal redirect so it doesn't really matter. Whatever box is master would get the traffic and do the redirect so it would work either way.

    2. If your master/backup is going back and forth you almost certainly have a switch/layer 2 issue causing them to not see the advertisements from the other box, or to only see them intermittently.

    If you shut down the master, does the it still work when running only on the backup?

    1. OK, but I think its best to always the redirection only points to virtual IP.
    2. I logon to console on both boxes and ping respective sync interfaces, no RTO, but the master shifted.
      Also why does when it shifted, we need to relogin again to the portal, and it does'nt carry the record of already login users to the next master?

    When I shutdown either master or backup. Yes, it still work.
    For now I think it still best to run CP alone or CARP alone, but not both on same machine.

    additional question

    How many CP users it can accomodate?
    My CP seetings for Hard timeout is 720minutes or 12 hours.
    CP users always displaying portal page cannot continue anymore. already logon users can internet. Reboot fixed the problem temporarily for a day.
    Since 2.0Beta to 2.0RC1, when ever CP users reaches or below 50.
    2.0RC3, when ever CP users reaches more than 50 or more than 100.

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