Quick Alias Q

  • Hey guys, was configuring a teamspeak 3 server & was trying to use aliases to do so. I set an alias for the 3 ports it needs. However one of the ports is a UDP port. The alias only states it will recognize TCP packets. Is there a way to specify what type of packet should goto each port on an alias.

    Right now I just made a separate NAT port forward rule for the UDP port I needed, but would rather use aliases if I can.

    If not possible, would it be easily addable to the current PFsense webgui. The support is already there under standard port forwarding. I think we just need a drop down box on aliases when setting it for ports so we can specifiy which type of packet the port is for.

  • Rebel Alliance Developer Netgate

    Why not choose "TCP/UDP" on the firewall rule/port forwards? It would then work for both protocols.

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