[ASK] 2 Connection for Game, 1 Slow Download Fast Game Con and 1 Fast Download

  • Please Help Me..

    This the scenario..

    2 connection  example  A (fast Game slow Browsing) ( and  B (Fast Download Slow Game) (

    Connection  A Direct to the Internet  
    B with Modem  Squid/Lusca installed

    All  client gateway goin to A, but all  Browser manual  proxy to  B ( / Non Transparent

    The problem is can i update game or patching game All  client listen to connection B?
    Masalahnya bisa ngga pas update game patch/update listennya ke B?
    So I have faster game update without wating for other client..

    So Many Thank!  :)

    Ps: I am sorry for bad in english..

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