FS: BOXX Technologies dual AMD 940 Iwill DK8S2 MoBo

  • I am working with a non-profit school and this machine was just donated to us. Its a 1U with no rails.

    Works fine, I put XP and W7 on it and everything worked great - its SATA1 and has two single-core AMD 246 CPUs.

    The mobo is fine - no blown (or even crowned/pushed up) caps and has 4 PCI-X and 2 PCI slots (nothing else).

    has 4x seagate 400gb sata1 hdd, dual onboard intel MT gig nics, ATI Rage XL video and 400W PSU.

    I'll mention again - no rails.

    Make offer - its in NYC. I can arrange to drop off or meet you half way. I can also arrange a 501c3 letter as a "donation" in exchange for something we will probably throw away.

    Happy to include a right angle PCIx from SuperO as well as an intel pro MT quad NIC. that would bring this box up to 2x onboard and 4x PCIx NICs.

    Need it gone ASAP - if not it goes on ebay Monday morning.


    PM me through the board or email wcmitnet -at- gmail

    if you are interested in parts to this machine I'm happy to send you the serial number so you can look up & confirm. If you want parts you can have them (local pickup only or pay for me to ship them). in a 4U case this mobo could run 4x intel pro MT quads and 2x Cisco wireless cards with two onbard NICs.