Can I access my pfsense webpage out my network

  • Can I access my pfsense webpage out my network??Can anyone help me to do it

  • If you don't have a network, you cannot access the firewall. You could access it via a crossover cable to a laptop or something. What are you trying to accomplish?

  • If you are asking how to allow access to pfSense's webConfigurator from the Internet, keep in mind that it isn't considered good practice. Check from which I quote:

    To proactively protect your network from issues like this that may be discovered in the future, restrict access to the management interface as much as possible. First, never open any web management interface’s port to the entire Internet! If you require access from the WAN side, be as restrictive as possible with source IPs or networks. Using a VPN connection and accessing the admin interface by internal IP over VPN is a more secure solution for remote administration.

    You should also restrict management access on your internal network in many environments. If you’re administering a small home network, you probably don’t care. If it’s a network with dozens, hundreds, or thousands of devices, restricting access internally is strongly recommended. There is a howto on the doc site describing how restrict management access in pfSense. You should investigate similar controls on your other web managed devices.