Conflicting rules

  • pfsense 2.0 Release.

    I have two shaping rules that seem to be conflicting:

    1. Port 80 traffic gets put into the qhttp queue and gets medium priority.
    2. A roku device (media streaming) IP address gets put into the qstream queue and gets higher priority.

    However, the roku device also uses port 80 to stream.  And thus, the http queue is picking up the roku traffic.  When I temporarily disable the port 80 rule, the roku device gets put into the qstream as expected.  However, as soon as I re-enable the port 80, the roku traffic moves back to the qhttp queue.

    I have moved the streaming rule to be higher in the rules list hoping it would get a match first, but that has not changed the behavior.  This worked wonderfully in 1.2.3.

    Any ideas how I can get the roku traffic to hit the qstream rather than the qhttp?

  • Just make sure that the rule that matches the rocky appliance is last match or put a quick on it if its a floating rule.

  • Last match?  I thought the order went from top to bottom?  Do I have that wrong?

  • Unfortunately that is a no-go.

    I moved the LAN rule to the bottom.  I made the floating rule "apply immediately"

    The traffic from the roku device still hits the qhttp queue.

    Other ideas?

  • OK, so I went about this a different way.  Since port 80 traffic was already being treated as medium priority in the default queue, I got rid of that rule.  The roku device now goes into the correct qstream queue with high priority.

    Thank you.

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