Static route deleted automatically?

  • I use PFSense 1.0.1 embedded on a WRAP board.
    There are two WANS, both get a network-address through DHCP.
    Lets call them 1 and 2. 1 being the ISP on the WAN, 2 being the ISP on OPT.
    Most things work fine, but the DNS forwarder has problems. I found it this has to do with the static routes.

    I've put static routes to the ISP's DNS servers:

    Interface  Network      Gateway Description
    OPT        DNS-server2  Gateway2  DNS forwarding to DNS-server2
    WAN        DNS-server1  Gateway1  DNS forwarding to DNS-server1

    For some strange reason, the route to DNS-server2 gets deleted after a while.
    route monitor showed:

    got message of size 132 on Wed Mar 14 13:10:56 2007
    RTM_DELETE: Delete Route: len 132, pid: 21396, seq 1, errno 0, flags: <gateway,done,static>locks:  inits:
    sockaddrs: <dst,gateway,netmask></dst,gateway,netmask></gateway,done,static>

    Anyone any idea why they are deleted?

  • Upgrade to a recent snapshot, I believe this was one of the bugs fixed since 1.0.1.

  • Unfortunately I cannot easily upgrade the firewall, since it's in production use.
    Just before implementing it, I had tried a snapshot-release (I think it was from Februari 25), but it seemed less stable then 1.0.1…

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