Forwarding magic packet…

  • Hi,

    Trying to set up WOL on a PFsense 1.2.3 box, so that a WOL packet could be sent from the outside network and be passed on to the internal network.

    When I try to send the magic packet I can see it arriving in the firewall logs where it supposedly is passed on, but my network sniffer on the LAN subnet does not register the packet. Sending a WOL packet from the web interface of the Pfsense box shows up fine in the sniffer.

    Doing a bit of troubleshooting and I noticed in the netstat output that the counter "packets not forwardable" increases every time I send a magic packet. Seems that it for some reasons doesn't want to forward the packet after all…

    So I'm at a loss here, hope someone has a good idea on how to solve this :)


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