Don't filter this IP (allow it to DOS a specific port)

  • Hey guys,

    Ever since changing from a Linksys router to a Mikrotik, then finally pfSense. We started having issues with old duplicate email messages coming in. I need to relax the security on an incoming IP or port. How can I do this?

    This post details why we're getting old duplicates sent into just Blackberry phones. I know I should bang on Blackberries door to ask why do they have to DOS my firewall but as a change to their stuff is unlikely. I'd prefer to work around the problem like this guy did at the end of the thread:

  • Unless you have used the advanced options and configured it, there is no limit on state entries/connections from a particular host. I'm going to assume you would have mentioned it if you were running Snort or something. Have you looked at the states to verify RIM's servers are actually hammering the firewall? The guy in the link's problems might be due to the fact that Netscreens suck, your issue could be different.

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