Firewall Schedules

  • Take a look at my schedule setup, do I have this correct.  The reason I'm asking is the Monday thru Thursday is set to turn off at 10pm, but the system is erratic and shuts off at different times after 10pm, as late as 10:50pm.  I have checked my system time and the time server I am using and they seem to be correct. The time in the console is also correct. What gives.

    Mon - Thur 15:30-22:00 3:30pm to 10pm
    Fri               15:30-23:59 3:30pm to Midnight
    Sat                 0:00-1:00 Midnight to 1am
    Sat                 8:00-23:59 8am to midnight
    Sun                 0:00-1:00 Midnight to 1am
    Sun                 8:00-22:00 8am to 10:00pm

  • I have the same problem here.  I believe the firewall rules prevent new TCP connections from being setup, but don't shutdown existing connections.  So when your goal is to make your teenager stop chatting online and go to sleep before school that doesn't work so well.  Google uses a long lived connection and chats can continue for hours after the firewall rules takes effect.

    I am looking at how to fix that.

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