Multi gateway headache! Any help would be great!

  • I posted once already, but I don't think it was very clear, so I am going to attach a quick image, and here is the issue I am encountering.

    When I ping from LAN to the LAN, I get response. I can RDP through, everything works fine.
    When I ping or try anything else from LAN, it goes nowhere.
    The network in between the two I have no control over, nor do I have any control over the network however both sides can ping the "middle" network just fine. can ping right up to the switch port, but nowhere past that.

    Is there a firewall rule I need to add to the OPT1 interface to allow that traffic into the LAN I am running out of ideas.
    I have the static routes in place for the LAN as pointed out in the diagram.

  • Where is pfsense in this diagram?

    Why are you using the switch as a gateway? Is it a layer 3 switch?

    Does the network have a static route to

  • Thanks for the reply. We have actually decided to abandon this. Myself and the admin of the network are able to stay in reliable contact, however the admin(s) for the network between are difficult to get in touch with and we never talk to the same person twice and won't allow us access to their devices.
    Basically we are going to bypass this altogether simply because we have narrowed the issue down to an issue in the routing in the "middle" network, and it's too risky to rely on them.


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