Dell R310 locks Web-GUI / igb Problem

  • Hi there,

    as I've read in another thread here in the forums, we're not the only ones with problems with Intel Quad-Ports NICs (igb). Our Dell R310 becomes stale. Not the whole system, only the Web-GUI and the SSH-Login becomes unresponsive.

    The error which can be seen on the console is: igb2: Could not setup receive structures

    Wondering, because we don't use igb2 directly. It's assigned as a PPPoE Interface, as igb0 and also igb1 are also.

    This is our setup:

    • Dell R310, 1 DualCore Xeon, 8GB RAM, 2x 500GB HDD, 2x onBoard NICs (Broadcom, bce) + 1x QuadPort PCIe Intel NIC (igb)

    – bce0 -> LAN (
    -- bce1 -> XPROXY (Crosslink to our ProxyServer,
    -- igb0 -> pppoe0 (DialUp)
    -- igb1 -> pppoe1 (DialUp)
    -- igb2 -> pppoe2 (DialUp)

    We're not using this setup right now, as I've seen this problems before switching from our "Desktop-FW" running pfSense 2.0 to the new Dell-based FW.

    Any ideas or workarounds? I don't want to use this system, as long as we're facing this igb issue.

    Regards, Tim

  • @Der-Tim:

    igb2: Could not setup receive structures


  • Hi there,

    thanks for that suggestion. I've to say, I've only searched for igb and not for the errormessage itself… :-/ Will try this solution.

    Regards, Tim

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