Need to move PFSense to new setup, but want to use the same harddrive

  • Hello All,

    I currently have PFSense 2.0 Running on a dual Core E2160 and it works great, but I have a better mobo and network card that I want to use, but dont want to lose my config setup.

    Can I just remove the harddrive from this PC and stick it in the new one? Or should I save the config setup and reinstall it?

    Thanks for any help

  • Personally Id re-install and reload config. But that is just me…

    Either way your gonna have to re-set up your physical interfaces...

  • Hi, as long as your MOBO are supported with 2.0.

    I tried this kind of test several times on my lab and works perfectly, since both MOBO are supported with the current version.


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