No way to get an Ipsec Tunnel working between a pfsense 1.2.3 and a Netscreen GT

  • Hi there.
    I need to create an IPSEC site to site tunnel between our main firewall pfsense 1.2.3 and a remote netscreen 5GT box located in our Shanghai's office.
    I have a remote access to the juniper box though webgui and I already tried with the VPN wizard but with no luck.
    Don't know exactly where and how to set the pahse1 & phase2 proposal…
    Has soemone already faced this situation?
    Would you be so kind to point me to a specific document or how-to ?
    thanks in advance.

  • There is no IPsec wizard, that makes me wonder if you're trying to setup an OpenVPN server to handle IPsec, which of course can't work.

    There isn't much to it, get the phase 1 and 2 settings from the Netscreen, and match them up on your side.

  • Indeed. That's what I did and it works. Just wondering why the ping works only in one-way. From the pfsense side I can ping the internal remote IPs but they cannot do the same.
    Specific IPSEC rule has been set on my pfsense firewall in order to allow traffic….

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