Watchguard Firebox - Who thinks this is wrong!

  • :o

    lol, my guess is they didn't know you can use pfSense on a WatchGuard Firebox.

    Youtube Video

  • Netgate Administrator

    One of the most expensive targets we ever shot.

    Clearly they didn't realise you can pick them up for <£50 on Ebay.  ;)

    Although some deluded sellers are still trying to get £1000's for them.


  • yeah. I paid around $120US but they look nice, the lcd is nice, it has many NICs, it uses CF, and they're rack mountable, the perfect combination.

    was never too crazy about watchguard's software but ever since I found your posts on it and the working LCDproc I tried it and got hooked.

  • I certainly hope it was dead before they destroyed it!  Such a waste of good hardware!  They make great systems for pfSense, especially with the front panel LCD.

  • Yeah, the lcd is great. Even if it was shot (poor choice of words) you could still use it for parts. The LCD itself is a nice display, then you have the ram, power supply, CPU, VPN card, poor watchguard :-(

    Should be renamed to pfGuard – the watchguard runs pfSense much better then the software it was designed for.