• So for a week or so I was using a Linksys router with the Tomato firmware while I made some repairs to the machine running pfSense… During that time, I never saw any requests for isatap.geeknik.lan in my OpenDNS stats, however, in the last 24 hours of running pfSense, I logged 429,598 requests to OpenDNS for isatap.geeknik.lan. Anyone know what this is? And how to keep pfSense from querying external DNS for local network names?

  • Netgate Administrator

    In Services: DNS Forwarder: you can set local dhcp leases to registered by the dns service. This should stop external queries.

    Or if it's not supplying it's host name you can enter a static dns entry.


  • I have all of those options checked, however, I haven't assigned isatap as a hostname to any machine or device on my network. After a little more research, isatap appears to be something related to ipv6, so I'm just gonna disable ipv6 on all of the Windows machines on the network and disable ipv6 on the router.