Default 2.0 install…strange Mac/OSX interaction with http on WAN side

  • Hi there,

    I recently got called by an old co-worker about a problem they were having with a pfsense install I did for him several years ago.  It's been humming along without any problems since then.  Recently, they've noticed that only people inside their perimeter who are running Macs suffer a very long pause when initially connecting to a website on the WAN side of the pfsense box…and then things return to normal for the remainder of the time the user interacts with the site.  Leave the Mac alone for 20-30 minutes and hit the same site again...the same thing happens with the initial long pause.  So I figured...hmmm....maybe it's just the ancient firmware and updated it to 2.0.yesterday.  The problem is still there.  Windows users are completely unaffected.

    It's a simple setup with a private internal 10.* NATted lan and one exertnal uplink to the interwebz with the default config (other than setting up DHCP, the two interfaces, and the default route).

    Anyone seen this before?


  • would not expect the mac os to operate any different for web browsing.

    I have leopards and lions behind my pfs with no issues.

    check the dns settings on them vs. the windows dns settings but I would guess they all use the same DHCP server and gateways?

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