Traffic shaping and borrow

  • Hello,

    I have following setup. I use CBQ and every category har its priority (from 7 to 1).
    Default is 1 and every queue has borrow enabled.

    My problem is that whenever default is maxed and borrows everything available, when a queue on higher priority needs their traffic, default does not get dropped but still uses everything.

    Default is 1 and ACK (highest is 7).

    Anybody know how to solve my problem?
    ![Screen Shot 2011-12-17 at 10.41.31 AM.png](/public/imported_attachments/1/Screen Shot 2011-12-17 at 10.41.31 AM.png)
    ![Screen Shot 2011-12-17 at 10.41.31 AM.png_thumb](/public/imported_attachments/1/Screen Shot 2011-12-17 at 10.41.31 AM.png_thumb)

  • THB, I haven't been able to get anything other than HFSC to work properly and even then it doesn't do quite as I expect.

    I thought of using CBQ myself, as in theory it would meet my needs.  But I also had a similar experience.  It seems that a lower queue would still eat up all of the traffic while higher priority traffic would be left with quite a bit of dropped packets.  I tries CBQ and priq with the same results.

    I'd love to hear any resolutions myself.

  • Are you using squid with traffic shaper ?

    if yes : Squid bypass traffic on port 80 , so traffic shaper can not catch the traffic , then the traffic port 80 and all of other uncategorized traffic flow on DEFAULT QUEUE.So you give 1 priority to Default Queue but there is no traffic matching other queues , therefore Default queue pretend to eating all of the available traffic.

    if no : I recommend HFSC

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