Filtering Bridge - pfSense box cannot access the world (pfSense 2.0.1)

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    I have set up a Dell R210 with pfSense 2.0.1. Is has been configured as a filtering bridge, which works fine. The gateway is configured for the BRIDGE interface. Machines can access the internet from behind the pfSense box, but the box itself can not. I can ping external machines using the Ping utility over the bridge interface. Any ideas what I am missing?

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    Christopher de Haas

  • Netgate Administrator

    Generally speaking in such a configuration the gateway informnation is only used by the pfSense box itself.
    Machines on the LAN side do not see the pfSense box at all and use whatever box you have on the WAN side as their gateway.

    Try setting that same WAN side box as the gateway in pfSense.

    This would be assuming you have pfSense setup as a transparent bridge with some other box running dhcp or you are using routed public IPs.

    Can you give us more details about your network?


  • I'm using pfSense 2.0.1 in a similar setup with public IPs - pfSense also has internet access.
    Have you set the DNS servers (System->General Setup) properly?

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