Captive Portal 2.0 Import XML

  • Hey,

    in PFSense 1.2.x i could Import Users just by XML file with username and md5 Passwort.

    Now in 2.0 there is a md-hash, (the md5ed password), a nt-hash and the password - how can i get the nt-hash and the password so i can import some users over the xml file to the local user manager?


    Kind regards

  • Open a feature request in redmine.

    There is no simple way of doing this right now rather than coding xml manually to the new 2.0 format of users.

  • Hey, thanks fpr your answer!

    Not really or? I have to add arround 200 Users on 5 PFSene machines… Is there a plugin or a way to write some php Code to make it easier?

    Kind regards

  • Find how to use XML-RPC with pfSense.

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