Pfsense 2.0.1 ppoe server setup on new added interface ! how to ?

  • Hi,

    I have a pfsense router/firewall based on pfsense 2.0.1 with interfaces assigned as follows : 1-wan(fxp0) 1-lan(rl0) 1-opt(rl1)
    What i want to do is : on option 1 interface to connect with ppoe authentification, to start an ppoe server with max 10 ppoe users. On this interface i don't whant to use dhcp server to gibe automaticly an ip when cable is connected, only after an connection is established to ppoe server with user name and pasword on opt1, reason for this ppoe server : to share internet to users.
    Where i'm confused : options showed regarding to ''radius server' on starting ppoe server , is necesarry to start radius server for a simply ppoe server on an interface ? i'm confused on what radius server means, i want to know if is necesary. Sorry for my english and maybe for wrong questions . regards

    What i tried right now : i enable ppoe server , i create new rule on firewall and setted for ppoe server gateway wan to share internet through ppoe connection to clients , and i setted pass and protocols all , my problem now is : Internet refuse to work after connecting to ppoe server (i tried from lan interface but before i disabled lan-dhcp and i setted lan to none) after i conected with ppoe pasword and username , it conected but internet is not working !!! i can't see why because i created new rule in firewall ! i also mention that my intention is to test if this can work on another added interface but i don't want on this interface dhcp/static. why internet is not share but conection is working ! also mention that i enterd on router from gateway ip that ppoe server gave to client in this case me , and from there i setted back lan as dhcp , I hope I did understand !

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