Static DHCP entry with the same ip address.

  • PFSense 2.0.1.

    If I set the same ip address for 2 different MAC's, all belonging to the same machine (1 cable, 1 wireless), so that a user never tries to use both wireless and cabled connection, does the default lease time work? I mean, the user connects with wireless, then 3600 seconds after he disconnects, that ip address can be used when he plugs the network cable.


  • I don't know about the default lease time working. My pfSense DHCP server has two static IP addresses for my netbook: one for the wired connection and one for the wireless connection. If I am using the netbook wireless interface then disable the netbook wireless connection, connect the netbook wired interface to a switch connected to the appropriate pfSense interface and enable the netbook wired interface then the IP address migrates from the netbook wireless interface to the wired interface. The netbook is running Ubuntu 10.04.

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