Load Balancing

  • Hello,

    I have a question about Load Balancing in pfSense.

    As far as I know/understand so if we are using NAT internal/external ip addresses, than in this case we need to create the POOL,
    and if we will operate with only WAN ip addresses with NO nat in the scenario, than we need to add VIRTUAL SERVERS …so I assume this is correct ?

    So the question is if we will load balance Email servers using Virtual Server instead of pool because we are not using NAT at all, than
    what will happens to user inbox ?? if one server is down for some time and users receive a new emails during this time, how can the server which is down
    know about these new emails so he can take over again ??

    would be nice with some good advice from those who already using Load Balancing for Email servers....

    Thank You
    Best regards

  • You you have only one server to publish at a specific ip/port, then nat will do the job.

    If you have two servers to balance on the same ip/port, then you can use pfsense loadbalance.

    If you need to distribute traffic based on site/header/domain, then I suggest you to use an inbound proxy for that.

    For smtp servers, I suggest postfix-forwarder package. You can filter a por of spam and forward mails based on domains.

  • hello,

    thank you for reply !

    I understand now… I think that I will use the pfSense Load balance as we have 2 servers and will try to configure it ...

    once again thank you for helping !


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