How to capture port from different subnet

  • good day pf masters
    i have this setup

    Multiwan –-- > Squid ------ > Hub --- > workstations

    on my work station i use utorrent on port (9999 example only)
    on the squid machine i can put firewall rule with the torrents port "9999" as destination address

    but my problem is

    how can i create a firewall rule on my "Multiwan" with the torrent port "9999"

    upon diagnostic > states
    on my squid box i can see the torrent port
    but on the Multiwan's States, i cannot see the torrents port.

    please help

  • You mean inbound traffic for 9999? If so, just create a port forward rule to your server(firewall -> nat).

  • Thanks for the suggestion buy how can i achieve that?

    Is this correct?

    On my squid box ill forward the port 9999 to my multiwan box?
    After that i will be able to see the port 9999 on my multiwan when i run torrent on my squid box?

  • ???
    You want to use torrent on squid?

    All you need is just include port 9999 as a safe port?
    If so, this option is on squid gui.

  • No sir want i want to do is do torrent on box b which is squid box and that port must be visible from box a which is multiwan

    Inorder to be clearer let set aside the word squid

    Sample i have 2 pf boxes named as box a and b
    Box a is multiwan while nox b is simple pfsense

    When i run a port capture on box b let say torrent or game using port 9999 i saw this port on diagnostic>states of box b, while on box a diagnostic>state i cant find the 9999.

    What i want to accomplish is to see the 9999 (just a sample port) from my box a in able to set a rule which gateway it will go (wan or opt)

  • You do not need squid for this setup.

    create a firewall rule on lan forwarding torrent client ip traffic to multiwan pfsense or change the gateway of this server/worksration to multiwan pfsense.

    Squid is a http proxy.

  • sorry for the confusion
    lets remove the proxy in this scenario, i only say proxy because this is my currebt setup
    lets change the proxy box to a simple pfsense box

    ill try what you suggest

    my goal is

    there is no specific machine that run torrrent
    what i need is to capture the port their using in my example is 9999
    i see this port on my box b but not on multi wan box
    changing the gateway to my multiwan box is not an option for me because i have packages running on my box b, all will go through box b and yet needed to monitor the port their using through multiwan box

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