Firewall routing issues after reboots

  • On my pfSense firewall, if it is rebooted, the servers on the LAN side of the firewall cannot reach the Internet.  Pings, name resolution, and more will not get through to the Internet.  I have found that the only solution is to go to System then Routing then choose the LANGW (default) and delete it and recreate it.  After this is done, the systems can reach the Internet again.  Does anyone have any suggestions on what might be causing this issue?

  • Rebel Alliance Developer Netgate

    Why do you have a gateway defined for LAN? And why is it the default?

    Normally for your LAN, it does not have a gateway in System > Routing, and the WAN gateway (your ISP) is your default route.

    Some people have mistakenly set it that way to disable NAT for routed IPs on the LAN subnet, when what really needs to be done is to go to Firewall > NAT, on the Outbound tab, switch to Manual, and delete any rules that reference the LAN subnet.

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