Traffic shaper working for outbound, not for inbound

  • Hi,

    I have been trying to get the traffic shaper to work inbounds (I am aware of the inbound shaping limitations, but it would still help). I have a simple cable modem connection, here is what I did:
    I am using PRIQ for both NICs

    WAN is set with a limit of 700kbits/s with 3 queues, each with different priorities
    I have a floating rule saying "on WAN interface, everything going to w.x.y.z is sent to the high priority queue."
    I see the results reflected in the queue status screen.

    I also have LAN setup in a mirrored way: limit of 9000kbit/s, 3 queues.
    I also have a floating rule saying "on LAN interface, everything coming from w.x.y.z is sent to the LAN high priority queue".
    NOTHING gets put in those queues, even though I know things are coming in from that IP.

    Does the LAN traffic shaping require something more than WAN?

  • Try queueing with "In" on WAN with source w.x.y.z and dest. "Lan subnet" instead for the download matching.

    And use rules in the LAN tab instead to do outbount shaping.

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