Function listags() in and are different

  • I'm parsing my way through the code base and I have noticed a few things that might require some clean up.  One of them is the listtags() function that appears in both /etc/inc/ and /etc/inc/  It appears that the list of array names is different between the two versions of this function (eg. allowedhostname, build_port_path).  Perhaps it would be best to consolidate the two functions into one, and move it /etc/inc/ or /etc/inc/

    Another potential for clean up appears to be the incomplete move from "/cf/conf/config.xml" to {$g['conf_path']}/config.xml (eg. /etc/inc/ and /etc/inc/  Or even "/conf/config.xml" still in /usr/local/www/status.php and /sbin/dhclient-script which appear to be the reason for the symbolic link /conf -> /cf/conf.

    Of course, I may be barking up the wrong tree and if so, I'm sorry.  I hope to help out with the code even though my specialty is embedded firmware and drivers.


  • Those surely need synchronization.
    Though its a more cleanup that needs to be done.
    There really is no reason to use so many tags for the same thing and just need to unify those tags to just one 'item'.

    But surely someone needs to do the heavy work and upgrade code behind.

    The others are leftovers missed from devs. Its better to report this issues through